WEDDING SERIES: Stephanie + Mellisa


We can't believe it has been almost TWO years since Stephanie and Mellisa tied the knot at the Asbury. We tracked down the two jet setters to chat about their wedding, their advice to future couples, and their most recent travels

1. How did you two meet? 

We met at a bar in the West Village and quickly became friends. We spent the summer exploring the city and traveling to the beach. By the end of the summer, we stopped pretending to be "just friends" and officially started dating.


2. You are coming up on your two year anniversary, what has been some of the highlight moments in your first two years as a married couple?

Traveling has always been our shared passion. In our wedding program, we highlighted that we had visited 14 countries together. That number has gone up to 23 as we approach our 2 year anniversary. Most notable was the month we spent immersed in Italy last summer. We now share a new passion for Chianti Classico and burrata. 


3. What was your wedding song and why? Can you tell us the fun and unique thing you did during your first dance? 

Our first dance was to Sara Bareilles “I Choose You”. Our big secret is that we are horrible slow dancers. With the reality that high heels and long dresses would exacerbate our mistakes, we formulated a plan with the help of the Asbury staff for a unique distraction. We love to travel and have a lot of videos from our adventures as well as our engagement. Mellisa created a video (with Steph’s artistic direction) showcasing our adventures and the team projected it on the wall behind us. The plan worked! Everyone watched and giggled while we attempted to slow dance.


4. We have many dog lovers out there and you included your furry friend in your wedding. Did you have trouble figuring out how he would fit into the day? Did you hire a dog watcher during the reception? 

Tucker, our maltipoo, was just over 1 year old at our wedding. He was no doubt important to our big day. Mellisa proposed to me using Tucker as a prop. It only felt right that he was one of our honorary ring bearers.  The whole family chipped in to help keep an eye on our little troublemaker during the ceremony. Although the hotel is super dog friendly, we had a puppy sitter keep an eye on him for the reception.


5. What made you select the Asbury as your wedding venue? 

The Asbury offers a chic beach setting with all the modern amenities that our guests loved. With so many unique spaces, we were able to completely change the environment without leaving the property. From ceremony setup to brunch the morning after the staff was critical in making our wedding a success surpassing the needs of us and our guests. People still comment to this day about how memorable the experience was to them. 


6. Looking back on it, what is the one thing that you would tell a couple who is planning their wedding right now?

First things first, enjoy being engaged! We took a year before we officially kicked off planning and it was awesome. When we started planning, we prioritized what was most important to us as a couple and a few unique ways to make our day special. The Asbury staff really rolled up their sleeves and helped us execute those special touches.

Kevin O'Shea