WE'RE LOVING: Sip Smith Gin


This Summer the Chequit is adding a some more style and summer flare to our wine happy hours on the porch with Sip Smith London Dry style gin. Sip Smith is a London based Gin company that is championing the Gin & Tonic as the drink of the summer! As we are only one week away from launching their new bar cart at the Chequit, we sat down with their founder, Sam Galsworthy and talked all about gin, summer nights, and the quest for the perfect cocktail. 



Tell us all about Sipsmith! 

The quintessential expression of a traditional London Dry style gin, Sipsmith sets a new benchmark for supreme craftsmanship and excellence; a modern day gin, using a classic recipe and method. The way it used to be and the way it should be.

In 2009, I co-founded Sipsmith with my childhood friend Fairfax Hall and spirits historian Jared Brown - setting up London's first traditional copper pot distillery in nearly 200 years! Our mission was to bring London Dry Gin of truly uncompromising quality and character, back to the city where it first earned its name.


Having been founded in London, how do you keep your company's roots here in the states? 

Our roots really have always been in London and we try to celebrate the city in so much of what we do. London being the home of gin is worth celebrating for this and many other reasons and perhaps no where is London celebrated more outside of the UK than in the USA.


Why does Sipsmith make the perfect Gin & Tonic? 

Sipsmith is made using a classic recipe and distilled according to traditional techniques - we distill our gin using the one shot method, crafted in genuinely small batches - resulting in a stunningly smooth, characterful spirit, both complex and aromatic. Its rich and balanced notes make it the perfect addition for a classic Gin & Tonic cocktail.


We know you are coming to The Hamptons this summer, what made you pick that location? 

Reflective of the British Empirical past, gin - specifically the Gin & Tonic cocktail - was enjoyed as a restorative end of day drink, as early as the 1850s. When considering the perfect place for Sipsmith to find its summer home, it was a no brainer that The Hamptons were right for us. Where better to sit back, relax and enjoy a G&T at sunset!


Describe to us your perfect summer night.

At 6:55 I’ll put ice in crystal highball glass to chill it right down, pour in Sipsmith London Dry Gin and top off with Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water. Garnish with a fresh lemon or lime. Take a deep breath. Sip lightly and feel the weight of the day lift from your burdened shoulders. Ideally serve with oysters and great company under a cloudless sky. 


If you were having a cocktail party and really wanted to impress your crowd, how could you spice up a signature cocktail with Sipsmith?

I love hot chilli, so I’d add a little slither or two to a gimlet to spice up another one of our classic cocktails!

Kevin O'Shea