WE'RE LOVING: Finley's Fiction


We are thrilled to welcome the newest shop to our little corner of Shelter Island! Finley's Fiction is open for business on the street level across from our very own, White Hill Cafe. Her shop is so sweet with tons of great gifts and books for a lazy summer day. Pop in, she's open 7 days a week, 9am-5pm until Labor Day and check out her website by clicking the link below.

How & when did you get your start?

This venture is brand new. I have always thought about opening a small bookstore and am thrilled to be bringing my dream to fruition. Given the current climate of Kindles and Amazon Prime, we joked about this concept as a family (think “You’ve Got Mail”) but just decided to just go for it!

Where do you draw inspiration from?
I read constantly and literally bring a book with me wherever I go. I also scout out other bookstores (big and small) and have gotten great advice from other entrepreneurs. I also follow publishers and small bookstores for new reads.

Why did you choose Shelter Island?
I have spent every summer of my life on Shelter Island!  My grandparents discovered the Shelter Island just after World War II and introduced their sisters and brothers to the island.  They all ended up buying houses near each other in the Heights. I actually grew up right around the corner from Finley’s Fiction.  

Growing up, Shelter Island had a small video store that also featured new fiction.  They had a wonderful selection of beach reads and I was sad when they closed. I am excited to offer a curated selection of books geared towards the summer reader.  

Describe your perfect day on Shelter Island.
My day starts with a sausage, egg & cheese and cranberry seltzer at the Shelter Island Pharmacy.  From there, I meet up with Suzette at Shelter Island Pilates.  After pilates, I join my family and spend the afternoon sailing and enjoying a picnic lunch at Hay Beach.  Most likely, I would swim out to the beach where I could escape and read for an hour or two.  I would end with a glass of rose watching the sun set at Sunset Beach and then grilling at home with my extended family.  

What do you like to do in your free time?
Spend time with my family.   I have four kids ranging from age 17 to age 9 who are constantly going in a million different directions, so I am lucky if I have a day with my husband and all four kids.  I love being on the water and we spend many weekends on our boat with the kids.  

What is your ideal style?
I am a hippie at heart (yes, we will have lots of Grateful Dead books) so my style is boho-chic with a classical twist.   I love fashion and am constantly discovering new designers. I also love art and being introduced to emerging artists. I am a fairly relaxed mom despite juggling four kids and two dogs and constantly struggling to keep our white furniture white! 

Kevin O'Shea