WEDDING SERIES: Wedding Trends We Are Loving!


Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting some of our favorite couples who got married at a Salt Hotel in our new wedding series. To kick it off we wanted to highlight some current wedding trends that we are LOVING!

3 Day Wedding Experiences

 Rehearsal dinners for a select group of people are becoming a thing of the past. With many couples heading in a non traditional route with their ceremony the need for the long, drawn out temple or church rehearsal is no longer needed. Never the less, your family and friends are going to be in town the night before the wedding and you still want to party! More and more couples are selecting a fun and engaging night-before the nuptials event. Think of a fun local spot like a bowling ally, ice rink or karaoke bar to create a relaxing and memorable event that will help break the ice. For the day after the wedding the best move is for a rolling post wedding breakfast. Couples do not want to force their friends and family to get up at 9am after a night of partying just so they don’t miss the hot coffee and croissants in the hotel lobby. By inviting people to join you between the hours of 9am-12pm you are going to give everyone the chance to pick a window that works for them.


Cut Ties that Bind!

Long gone are the days of the black tie wedding! Couples are throwing out the formal attire and designing the feel of their wedding that works best for them and their venue. The  most important part is to keep your guests the loop so they come dressed for the occasion. Some examples could be encouraging a more relaxed beach attire and flip flops if your venue is on the water or using fun and engaging quips to get your point across, like “Leave your jacket and tie at the hotel, we are here to dance!”

Destination Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

 The pressure is on to find the best and most sought after bachelor and bachelorette spots around the country and even around the world! Studies show that more and more brides and grooms and their bridal parties are throwing aside the playbook for the average bachelor and bachelorette party and opting for a destination such as Nashville, Palm Springs, and Even Cuba! If you are in the drivers seat for your friends special weekend and need a little assistance check out this great article with 10 of the best tips to stay on top of your planning!



Co Ed Showers

Going in the tradition of the reveal party, couples are choosing to celebrate their wedding together in a shower style atmosphere. Many couples are either combining their engagement party with their bridal shower, or having a very small and casual engagement party followed by a co-ed shower that invites a larger group of people. While this trend might not be for everyone, it is perfect for the couple who is looking to shake things up or even the couple whose family lives far away from each other as this trend would allow to  have as many people at your shower as possible by making it a larger event.

Kevin O'Shea