Wampum is a collaboration of friends and family seeking to make a difference through their designs and products. The Wampum collection blends together the easy style of the beach with the energy of the city and the natural wonder of the mountains.

1. How + when did you get your start?

We started Wampum in June of 2011 in Bridgehampton, New York when the space behind our mother's jewelry boutique became vacant.  We knew there was a need for a skate shop in the Hamptons and seized the opportunity. We were the only skate shop on eastern Long Island at the time and after the New York Times did a feature on us word spread like wildfire. In order to meet the increasing demand, we started silk screening shirts in our mother's basement. It was a fast-paced whirlwind of a start for us from the opening party to our expansion to Manhattan just three months later. 


2. Where do you draw inspiration from?

We are really fortunate to have a mother who is a talented and successful jewelry designer. Growing up watching her build a multi-million dollar company from the kitchen table while my father was diagnosed with MS was inspiring and had a lasting effect on us. She still to this day helps us with our business and is a huge part of our lives. 

3. Why did you choose Bridgehampton, NY?

It was our grandparents that chose where we grew up. They purchased the Breakers motel in the 1950's and later passed it on to my mother and her brother. It was in that motel that my brother and I grew up and started Wampum. The town of Montauk will always have a special place in our hearts. The beautiful beaches, oceans, lakes and small tight-knit community are truly one of a kind.


4. Describe your perfect vacation.

The perfect vacation for me is one as far away from a computer or phone as possible. Just kidding, although it would be nice to disconnect every now and then. I enjoy vacationing in Palm Beach, Florida during the cold winter months. We had property down there and would have family getaways where my brother and I would barbeque and enjoy bike rides along the ocean. 

5. What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy going to the beach and relaxing during my free time. I spend the majority of my time in Los Angeles so a long day in Malibu with an iced chai tea latte and a book works perfectly for me.


6. What is your ideal style?

I think my ideal style is a mixture of street and beach. I like the edginess of ripped shirts paired with the clean comfortable laid back beachiness of a floral pattern or an anchor hat. The beach is the peace and the streets are the hustle and together they make a pretty interesting wardrobe.



Kevin O'Shea