WELL BEING: Staying motivated during the winter months

Wellness Header WINTER.jpg

The subject of this blog installment can perhaps be best expressed in one long sentence: How NOT to be a couch potato after Daylight Savings Time is gone and winter is upon us...

Exercising during the winter months is our annual challenge. There are plenty of competing choices during this time of year that can wreak havoc with our best resolutions: outdoors cold vs. indoor coziness; the urge to hibernate vs. the human need to engage; comfort food vs. mindful eating; TV binge-watching vs. bundling up and hitting the trails...just to mention a few.
So, hmmm. Now that it’s winter and getting mighty chilly, and maybe lots of you are wondering, “How on earth am I going to get to June and into that bathing suit?” Others of you may be more concerned about the right pathways to your general good health. Either way, it’s going to take some doing.


Winters are definitely tough, but fear not, campers. The following is your “go to” checklist. It should help you stay on track to rock those warm-weather fashions come spring. But the list could also support your overall goals for maintaining your physical and mental health in wintertime. Check it out...

1.) Post a picture of yourself that you like on your fridge: It’s easy to forget what you're trying to accomplish when you and your fridge are sweet-talking each other over food choices.

2.) Commit to a trip, a run, a hike or a charity ride in the spring: For example, aim for a 5K … AND sign-up. Committing is an awesome strategy because accountability is built in. Involving a group of friends makes it even better.

3.) Buy a new workout outfit that's a little on the tight side for motivation: Wear it around the house at night for a while until you’re comfortable in it; then take it to the gym.

4.) Track your TV or Netflix time for a week: Record it in a journal, and just notice it. Honestly, what jumps out at you? Yup, there you go!

5.) Make a list of your favorite activities: Perhaps it’s reading or trying out for a play. Maybe it’s belonging to a book club or knitting or taking a drawing class. Perhaps it’s something physical, like a daily hike. Whatever the case, tape your list to your car dashboard or inside your closet, wherever you can see it daily.

6.) Clean out your closet, or the junk drawer, or clean your silver wear: Put some music on and make your projects fun! Work like this can be quite fulfilling on a gray day.

7.) Volunteer at a local soup kitchen: Service to others will get you out of your busy brain.

8.) Join a gym: Or try a new class, perhaps spinning with a group. Too goofy, maybe not exactly your deal ?  Okay, then try out for a play; I dare you!

9.) Make a bet with a friend: About a specific goal you have for April —and put a lot of money on it!