WELL BEING: Eating at the airport


For the second installment of our ongoing wellness series by our Corporate Wellness Coach, Denise Gaylord, we're talking about ways to eat healthy at the airport and not completely blow your healthy diet. Let's face it, traveling can wreak havoc on our health and the airport is a landmine of bad decisions. Here are some tips to staying on track!


What on earth makes us think that a stack of pancakes topped with Nutella will soothe that subtle travel anxiety? Why do we suddenly not care about food choices when wandering around the airport?

Here are 10 hints to keeping it together

1. Stay Sober:

One drink and suddenly that whole jar of peanuts seems like a good snack choice.  Water pal water! water! water! - The stories about water on an airplane are real, save the alcohol for your destination.

2. Do your homework:

Research what food outlets will be near your terminal, and plan ahead.

3. Pack snacks:

Power bars if you are not the cooking type, or carrot sticks and little packs of almond butter will save your tail with long days and few food choices.

4. Slow down:

Rushing tends to be the American way and usually you are heading somewhere fast in an airport but it can also lead to the choice of “donuts and a mocha-chino” as the “breakfast of champions.”

5. Tea:

Bring an empty thermos and some tea bags and ask for hot water on the plane to go with those almonds you packed.

6. Choose wisely:

If fast food is your only option, choose a smoothie or an egg white veggie on a flat bread.

7. Oatmeal:
Bring a package of instant oatmeal & ask for or buy hot water.

8. Popular chains:

Popular chains like Starbucks & Chipotle offer options with veggies or protein and they give you the calorie count. Try to stay away from sugary pastries and heavy carbs.

9.Veggies, veggies + more veggies:

If you buy something to eat - double up on the produce.

10. Just abstain:
When in doubt, avoid the food entirely, and just drink water - you will probably survive 'till you land.