WE'RE LOVING: Revel Revel


When we launched our retail concept "Salt Supply" in Provincetown earlier this year we really wanted to create a custom graphic that captured the spirit of the town to use on t-shirts, tote bags and greeting cards.  Nicole our Corporate Director of Creative reached out to her friend Amanda Williams Galvin and together collaborated on what turned out to be one of the signature items in the store. Since then Revel Revel has done a custom graphic for our hotel in Asbury Park and we are so excited to continue our creative collaborations in the future.

Revel Revel is the creation of seasoned artist Amanda Williams Galvin. With roots in textile design & illustration, Amanda's work is full of vibrant pattern, color, and character.  Inspired by vintage aesthetics, curious collections, and home-sweet-home New England each design begins in one of Amanda's many sketchbooks.  Her mixed media drawings, paintings, and prints bring her ideas to life in energetic art pieces that reflect her love of the bold, colorful, and quirky.

1. How + when did you get your start?

I was born into a family of artists and grew up in my parents' home studio.  I've always known that art was my passion.  I got my B.F.A. in surface/pattern design with a focus in illustration at Syracuse University.  While in school, I interned for the TJX Companies (TJMaxx, Marshalls, Home Goods) in their home product development department, making illustrations and patterns for bedding, pillows, dish towels and more.  After school, I came back to the Boston area(where I grew up) and met local artist, Amy Berkowitz, who, at the time, was running an amazing vintage apparel shop in Somerville called Artifaktori. Amy really encouraged creative exploration/collaboration, and I started working with her, redesigning her branding, organizing and illustrating posters for fashion events she hosted around Boston, creating custom products for the shop, and cataloging her incredible collection of vintage textiles, all while freelancing in design/illustration for both local and commercial clients on the side.  Through Artifaktori, I met a lot of like-minded creative folks & had an immersive education in the history of textiles.  We would go to the big textile shows at Brimfield and sell stunning vintage pieces to big name designers looking for inspiration.  At the same time, my relationship with TJX was growing, and I still currently work with several talented designers there, creating textile designs for their in-house private labels for both home and fashion.  My work with TJX gave me the technical know how to eventually launch my own product line, Revel Revel, and my work with Amy gave me the creative inspiration and confidence to pursue those dreams.  

2. Where do you draw inspiration from?

Vintage textiles are still an obsession of mine, and I have accumulated quite a collection. I'm drawn to design from the 20's-70's with a particular affinity for mid-century pieces, and you can see hints of that nostalgia in my work.  Outdoor adventures with my husband & dog, and just messing around with my art supplies in my home studio always get my creative juices flowing.  My uber-creative friends are a constant source of inspiration, too.  I feel very lucky to have an awesome network of super supportive artists and designers around me, and I treasure each and every one of them.

3. Why did you choose to live in the Boston area?

I am a born and bred New Englander, and no matter where I travel, the Northeast will always be home.  Though I now live in neighboring Arlington, I have a particular fondness for Davis Square Somerville, where I lived and worked for many years.  Somerville has more artists per capita than any other area in the USA outside of Brooklyn, NY, so its a great place to be a creative person.  There are unique festivals going on year round and live music to hear any night of the week.  The community takes a lot of pride in the locally run shops and restaurants, and the vibe is just chill.  Even though I now live over the line, in Arlington, you can find me in Davis Sq most weekends, grabbing a drink with friends or checking out one of the local markets.

4. Describe your perfect vacation

I am currently sitting on a dock on a little lake in Maine surrounded by friends, family & five dogs.  We'll cook up some fresh Maine lobsters for dinner, and before bed, we'll head out on the lake for a midnight kayak paddle to look at the stars. This spring my husband and I visited the Azores islands and spent a lot of time exploring tiny seaside villages, hiking amazingly beautiful trails and eating all of the Portuguese seafood we could get our hands on.  It was incredible.  But, as much as I love traveling to far flung locals with a totally different culture and pace, my week in Maine every summer just might take the cake for the "perfect vacation."  Good food, good company, time on the water, and no schedule are always ideal to me.  

5. What do you like to do in your free time?

Get lost in my sketchbooks, poke around vintage markets, attempt to keep my plants alive, meet friends for Margaritas, have dance parties in my kitchen, try new restaurants with my husband, adventure with my pup, Tallulah, travel when possible, consume too much cheese, play dress up in my own closet, hold friends' babies and kiss my sweet niece, chat with my Mom, post up on my front porch, perpetually make and reheat tea

6. What is your ideal style?

Oh geez - its hard to say... eclectic?  Spaghetti western meets David Bowie meets antique shop queen?  Im drawn to colorful, comfortable, patterned things that make me smile and I try to surround myself with that kind of stuff as much as possible.  I collect vintage textiles and jewelry, 1970's men's button up shirts, anything with stars on it, bow ties and bolo ties, local art, and fabulous trash picked furniture among other things.  Everything I own has a story.  Among other things, my home has been described as a pattern filled Alice in Wonderland treehouse, and my personal style as storybook character-like.  I 100% take both of those thoughts as a great compliment.