ASBURY LOVE: Purple Glaze Donuts


Life is short. Have a donut.

Using freshly, made donuts as their canvas, slightly crisp on the outside & soft and airy on the inside, they have created bold and distinctive flavor combinations. Inspired by their love of all things sinfully delicious and the dynamic Asbury Park community, their hand-crafted donuts will appeal to youngsters, oldsters, hipsters, and funsters alike.

  1. How and when did you get your start?   I've always love to bake since I was a kid and would help my mom create all kinds of pies, cookies and cakes. I wanted to go to pastry school since I was in my 20's but the more practical side of life got in the way, and I pursued a career in higher education. After I "retired" from a community college in Morris County as an administrator and adjunct professor, my husband and I bought a fixer upper and moved to Asbury Park. It was my good fortune that Brookdale Community College had a culinary school just a few blocks from my house!  I enrolled and obtained my Certificate in Pastry Arts.  I had in the back of my mind I would like open a bakery but knew I needed more production skills so I went to work at Wegman's bakery for a year.  My son, Wesley, was working at Langosta Lounge making desserts and had been making donuts in his house with friends.  He kept putting the bug in my ear that "donuts were the new cupcake," "donuts are great for every occasion," "donuts work for breakfast meetings, birthdays, and weddings,"  A friend told us about a small space on Summerfield Avenue that used to be the kitchen for the "Colonel's Kissing Booth."  The owner of Old Glory Tattoo Shop was looking to expand his business but only wanted the seating area and wanted to sublet the kitchen space.  The rest is history. My husband, son and I checked out the space and we were able to envision a small neighborhood donut shop where locals and visitors could pop in and grab a freshly made donut and a great cup of coffee. (Asbury Roastery makes our coffee.)  We opened on May 18, 2015. 

  2. Where do you draw inspiration from?    I am always thinking about donuts! There is a joke in our shop that when you start to have "donut dreams,"  you have arrived! I am constantly looking for and creating new donut ideas. I read food magazines, follow blogs, Instagram accounts, Pinterest, Facebook to look at desserts and see how they can be deconstructed and reconstructed into a perfect donut. I'm always searching websites for new and fun products as well. I am blessed that I have a great staff who help come up with delicious flavor combinations and fun and funky donut names.

  3. Why did you choose Asbury Park?   My husband and I started coming to Asbury Park about 12 years ago and loved the vibe. We could see the rebirth of Asbury Park was heading in a positive direction and wanted to be a part of it.  In fact, we loved it so much we bought a wreck of a house and came down on weekends for over a year to work on it. My husband was able to move down and continue to work on the house until I could retire and move down here two years later. Honestly, it never occurred to us to open a shop in any place other than Asbury Park.  We are involved the community, attend church here, have made tons of friends, love the beach, boardwalk, art and music scene and restaurants.

  4. Describe your perfect day in Asbury Park?   We love to bike up to the First Avenue Beach and hang out with friends and take a dip in the ocean. Even when it's cold out, we would still head up to the Ocean for a long walk on the beach. Once we're back home, we like to meander around the neighborhood with our two rescue dogs, Saul and Luna. Afterward, we'll head back out to grab some dinner.  If we feel like walking, we'll go to Medusa for some pizza or Lentil Tree.  If we're driving, Taka is our all time favorite.  We like to sit at the bar, have a cocktail and some sushi.  We almost always run into friends or make some new friends.  Right now, we're really loving Reyla as well. Delicious food and drinks. After dinner, we'll take a leisurely walk down Cookman to check out all the great shops and galleries.  We like to finish off the evening with some gelato from Lola's.

  5. You've had some amazing flavor combos! What has been your all-time favorite donut creation?   What I like best is a plain donut right off the fryer with a cup of tea.  But if I'm going to have a decadent donut, I'm going all out.  One of the flavor combos I like the best is "Candy Man."  Our vanilla donut dipped in chocolate icing, covered with mini chocolate and peanut butter chips filled with Dulce de Leche and an ice cream cone wafer on top.  It has all the components of a perfect candy bar.