WELL BEING: Meet Denise

Denise Gaylord, wellness coach

This past Spring we partnered with Cape Cod based wellness coach Denise Gaylord to help us launch a new corporate wellness initiative.  Denise has been working one on one with our corporate team members to help develop personalized wellness goals in a variety of unique ways.  This initiative was our idea of doing something more than just giving everyone a gym membership and realizing that each person's ideal state of wellness is a truly unique result and should be a very personalized journey.

Denise has so much incredible experience that we wanted to share some of her knowledge with all of our guests and so we are excited to announce Well-Being, our new wellness series that will appear here over the coming weeks.

Check back often but in the mean time we wanted to introduce Denise to you and tell you a little bit more about the amazing work she has done...

Denise Gaylord

Denise Gaylord

I’m so pleased to be working with the wonderful staff at Salt Hotels.

I am a personal trainer as well as a life and wellness coach. For more than 25 years I have helped others make transformative changes in their lives.     

In the business world of hospitality, the mantra for both owners and employees is—or should be— “What can I do to please others?”

I’m happy to say that in my new position at Salt Hotels, I’ll be the one to ask the staff, “So what are you doing for yourself and your well-being?”  And “How do you maintain fitness as a priority in your life?”  Then, after thinking about your answers, I am qualified to propose, “So lets make that a plan for you!”

I understand the pressures facing people and the many ways their time is challenged. Finding time for You can be elusive. That’s one reason I enjoy meeting people one on one and then continuing to work on the big picture and the little picture for each individual.

I believe that lining up the strength of your body, the health of your food choices, and a balanced life perspective can help create fulfillment and wellness. This can apply to absolutely everyone, athletes and not. In fact, I’ve spent my life spreading that message. Helping people enjoy the process along the way just adds to the fun—and is also personally fulfilling.

For me, joining the outstanding group at Salt Hotels and engaging the staff with my mission… is my idea of Heaven!