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Interwoven is a shop located in downtown Asbury Park, New Jersey offering a curated selection of men's and women's apparel and accessories. The buyers at Interwoven seek to work with artisans, true craftspeople of their trade. Most of the brands we carry are discovery brands that people may be unfamiliar with. When working with more recognizable brands, we meticulously edit the assortment and only offer our customers what we ourselves love and believe in. We are passionate about traveling, meeting new people, experiencing new things—and finding great new people to work with!

Owner Bianca Freda

Owner Bianca Freda

  1. How and when did you get your start?   I mean, if we wanna go waaayy back...I'd say I always had an interest in the experience of shopping and how it could serve as an escape. When I was young, on family vacays, each of us kids would pick something we wanted to do for that day. My perfect day would consistently involve shopping and ice cream (not much has changed).  I'd observe the interactions, the displays, the products, the whole experience. I guess I'm a bit of a retail dork, but it's just who I am.  As I got older, I made the decision to abandon those childhood proclivities and decided to make the adult decision to go into nursing. As my mom would always say, "it's a stable job!" But, I started paying attention to myself and my desires and I realized I was on the wrong path.  So, I transferred to FIT and things started to click. I lived there for a while, worked with interior spaces, retail spaces, and then a bunch of stuff in between and here I am now!  Living in AP, owning Interwoven (1-downtown spot and 1-in Storehouse on the boardwalk). I'm making my childhood self proud everyday. Plus, I'm pretty sure the nursing profession is better off without me.

  2. Where do you draw inspiration from?   Pretty much everything I see and every person I interact with is inspiring, but honestly any time I travel I get the most inspired. I think being inspired has more to do with the eyes you view with, rather than what you are looking at.  When I am on vacation, I am totally present and I am enjoying my surroundings more than worrying about what I have to do next.  This full on focus provides endless amounts of things to draw inspiration from.  It might be the color of an old door, a great meal, or an unexpected encounter with a stranger. You know how home looks different when you get back from vacation even though nothing changed? It's exactly that feeling, you step away and can appreciate what is right in front of you after you've been away from it. Changing environments awakens our senses and those senses are essential to any creative endeavor.

  3. Why did you choose Asbury Park?   It just felt right...the people, the place, the vibe. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. It feels like a tight-knit community all while welcoming thousands of new folks each season. It's expansive in its quaintness. That's what I like best. 

  4. Describe your perfect day in Asbury Park?   Most of my days are crammed with all business happenings - planning, talking to people, emails, my days off are probably going to sound pretty lame, but I revel in the serenity of that lameness! They're super relaxing and that's what I require every once in a while.  Coffee (at home) then either a boardwalk run or a hot yoga class.  I'll then either meet up with a friend at the pool ( David gave me a pass to The Asbury, but not sure I can mention this here), beach (all the way north) or for lunch (currently loving Cardinal and Talula's).  This is normally followed by one of the three things-taking my dogs for a walk, sitting and reading on my porch, and/or a bike-ride to either Cookman Creamery or the Cone Zone for sprinkles with some ice-cream.  Once the hubs gets home from his J-O-B, we'll get back on our bikes and figure out where we're going for dinner (Medusa has been one of our top summer favs-delicious salads, pizza and sides).  We then head to the boards for a lil walk and then back to our house (that I adore) and our furry family.  Living in Asbury is amazing and as you can see, we are surrounded by delicious food options that sorta consume my day. Sorry, not sorry.    

  5. What is your ideal summer style?   My vintage Wrangler jean shorts (with the sickest dip mark on the back pocket), my apricot mules (from the shop), a head scarf, hat or braids (I'm getting so close to shaving my head to avoid the dread of dealing with my hair in the summer heat), my Krewe sunnies, and any top that I can get away with without having to wear a bra (real talk). This is all *if I don't have a bikini on*. 
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