WE'RE LOVING: Travel Essentials for Looking Your Best

We asked Christine, from Provincetown's Kiss and Makeup, to share her top five must haves for looking your best when traveling on your next vacation.  All of these can be procured in her shop on your next visit to Ptown. (or give them a call they can ship to you direct and look for an online store debuting in early summer!)

  1. URSA MAJOR ESSENTIAL FACE WIPES   These wipes cleanse, tone and moisturize all in one step,  packed individually these are great for your gym bag, your beach bag, your carry on, a great way to feel refreshed on the go!    

  2. SUKI EXFOLIATE FOAMING CLEANSER   Gentle enough for daily use, this helps breakdown any sunscreen and dead skin after lazy days on the beach, made from fruit acids its completely natural and great for exfoliating and hydrating your lips as well.

  3. DR. DENNIS GROSS CLINICAL CONCENTRATE RADIANT BOOSTER   The perfect refresh to dehydrated skin after a long flight, splash this on to erase any signs of stressful travel.

  4. PREVISE SUNSHEER SKIN TYPE 1-6   Provincetown based Previse sunscreen is chemical free, doubles as a moisturizer and best of all won't run when you are out and about on a hot summer's day (i.e. no sunscreen burn in your eyes!).   

  5. LITTLE BARN APOTHECARY ALOE + ROSEWATER BALANCING FACIAL MIST   Rose is one of the most healing things for the skin and this facial mist is the perfect afternoon refresh for both men and women, a few sprays helps to return radiance to your face after a day in the sun.