WELL BEING: How NOT to gain weight over the Holidays!

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Supposedly most people only gain one or two pounds...or sometimes five over the holidays. The danger is that very few of us seem to lose it afterwards, so over a period of time there can be that dreaded slow climb. In the Eastern US, the early darkness combined with the extra holiday food makes “that slow climb” even more likely. Well, as you might have guessed, we have a number hints for you on how to navigate through this tricky period...check it out!


1. Eat before you go out drinking and celebrating: Yup, this tip is # 1 for a reason. Eat some protein and crunchy things before heading out to a potential eating frenzy and you might more easily exercise good judgment.

2. Pin it, post it: the act of documenting should slow you down some. Are you afraid that you’re boring your friends with your social-media documentary of your food patterns and habits? Well, how about you let them know why you are posting in this way and see if you can get some support?  

3. Pick protein: It’ll calm your hunger urges. A good example: hardboiled eggs, which pack a nutritious punch and are very low calorie.

4. Bring your own food: This might raise a few eyebrows, but you could be munching on a delicious power bar   while your friends are bellying up to the chips and dip.

5. Hey, Chewbacca: Please remember to eat and chew slowly. In addition to slowing you down, 10 chews per bite brings other benefits, such as better digestion and absorption of your food. You also tend to look a whoooooole lot classier.

6. Use smaller plates when you go to the buffet table: Yes, it really can make a different to see the amount of food you have put on your plate.

7. Make room for (healthy) fat: Things like avocados and some nuts (5-10 max); the fats will help curb food cravings. They will also likely allow you to resist the urge to binge when tempted by the bountiful array of holiday foods in front of you.

8.  Count the appetizers on your plate: No, not out loud, silly! Just stay present and mindful enough to know whether that was your 20th chip with sour cream, or was it your third? Counting can make a big difference between just “going for it“ and stepping back.

9.  Only eat the truly fabulous desserts: And know yourself well enough to gauge if it makes sense to indulge in a single taste or, maybe just this time, a single serving (on your small plate)