WELL BEING: Surviving the Holidays


So here we are. Smack in the middle of “the holy trinity” of holidays. Starting with Thanksgiving, and ending with the gong at midnight on New Years Eve. A whoooole bunch of party can happen during that stretch of time. How can you manage all this festivity and perhaps even slide into January happy and healthy to begin the New Year? Well, we have some hints for navigating this time period...


1. Be realistic: The holidays likely won’t be perfect. But maybe coming up with a mantra could help you. Something like “I am grateful for this moment with my family and friends.” Or “I let go of this year and embrace what’s next. A new year means a new beginning.” Breath and repeat as much as you need to.

2. Stay connected: Don’t be alone unless you want to be alone. And be sure you have your support systems lined up. Also set up a texting tree for quick communications if need be.

3. Wear tight clothing: This might seem like a stretch (pun intended), but if overeating is a stress default for you, wear tighter pants or leggings as a reminder to moderate your intake. Or, at the very least, tighten your belt before heading out to that party.

4. Start a new tradition: Changing things up can loosen traditional friends and family patterns in a fun and welcome way. Bring a small gift or offer to bake dessert if you never have done so before. Or try introducing your friends and family to a holiday custom from another country.  

5. Eat smaller portions: Smaller plates really do help control overindulging. And for you emotional eaters, try and eat real food before going out socially where you now there will be lots of "bad" food.

6. Rethink your gifting for the holidays: If finding gifts becomes burdensome in terms of time, imagination, and money, consider making gifts to charitable donations in a friend’s name (that really feels good). Another alternative is gift cards for everyone, which eliminates the fear of choosing inappropriate stuff. (but then again, there's always something fun for everyone in our new Salt Supply online shop!) https://www.saltsupplystore.com/ Try to stay connected to the true meaning of the holiday, whichever one you’re celebrating. Since there are only 24 hours in a day, realize it may be those special moments that really count. Embrace them.


7. Shocker Idea Alert: Exercise your body! Even 10 minutes of strenuous activity could very well keep you from losing it when “stuff” begins to crowd into your day. To make it easier (and prevent excuse-making), set the alarms on your phone for timely reminders.

8. When in doubt, take a break: Go outside, step away from the action for a bit, and just breathe. Five minutes of mediation or relaxed breathing or fresh air might even transform the grumpiest Santa or negative Scrooges into happy, festive merrymakers. Enjoy!