WELL BEING: 10 minute hotel room yoga


Ok, I know that the dedicated, practicing yogi’s out there may cringe, but just 10 minutes of some basic yoga can truly be a sweet break for your body, reduce stress and increase felixibility. Add this 10 minute sequence to your morning and you'll set the tone for you entire day.


1. Make sure you have a few feet of open space on a flat, hard surface.

2. Find a sunny spot in your room. (lay down a yoga mat if there's one available).

3. Follow this sequence for 10 minutes.  Do each pose for 2 minutes:

  • 2 minutes - child’s pose
  • 2 minutes - sitting-inhale right nostril, exhale left nostril, and inhale left nostril, exhale right.
  • 2 minutes - upward dog/downward dog/repeat.
  • 2 minutes - runner’s stretch - right leg - left leg
  • 2 minutes - quiet sitting & deep breathing with eyes closed.

And if all else fails - 10 minutes of sitting with your eyes closed in complete silence with no distractions is a great way to start your day.