WE'RE LOVING: Bittle + Burley


The difference between well groomed facial hair and the unruly variety can’t be overstated. Making a man dapper and dandy means having the correct tools—including the perfect little ’stache brush, which Chris has invented under the delightful moniker Bittle & Burley. A graphic designer by trade, you’ll definitely see his eye for great design in the details. And if his goods have a sturdy handmade feel, that’s because each and every step in the process has a little extra elbow-love in it: Chris hand-carves, sands and oils each pine brush before he cuts, folds and glues every single box that he tucks them in.

1. How + when did you get your start?

After the economy tanked, I found myself jobless in 2010 after many years working as a designer and art director in magazines. I freelancing here and there and i just got frustrated with the jobs I was getting. I grew a beard and noticed the trend was really taking off, so I created a beard brush. In the beginning I sold so many on ETSY, I got confident to go ahead and start my own line of men's grooming products.  The artisan markets in Brooklyn were really taking off too so I started selling at the markets gaining customer feedback and developing my line. After 4 years I finally went full-time into Bittle and Burley and signed up for a Trade show, NYNow in NYC. And now I'm just making all day, ERRYDAY.

2. Where do you draw inspiration from?

Vintage Workwear, the 1930'S, classic historical fashion

3. Why did you choose Brooklyn?

I grew up in The Jersey Suburbs and always wanted to live in NYC. I chose Brooklyn because the opportunities here are incomparable for artisans and designers. It's the best place to cut your teeth and get your feet wet in this industry.

4. Describe your perfect vacation.

I like a beach vacation with LOTS of reading, LOTS of snacks and LOTS of cocktails

5. What do you like to do in your free time?

I love DIY and working on my house. I just bought a row home from 1913 in Philadelphia which I'm updating (S L O W L Y)

6. What is your ideal style?

That's so hard! I change my mind every day. But I have an affinity for American classic everything. Traditional preppy materials and good old fashioned patterns are my main stay. Yet Scandinavian design is my second love. The clean whites and greys just brighten my mood.