WEEK THREE: Steps+Food-why do we care?


For years now, the most effective way to lose weight has been proven time & again, to simply write down what you eat. No other obligation, just write & over longer periods of time that has been effective toward weight loss. Log all the food you eat (write it down), for an entire day, no matter what it is. Example: 1 point = One day of logging food. Seven days of food logging = 7 points. So at the end of this week, please send your “food logging total” to Denise.


Food food glorious food...we all must eat to live. How can we eat and have it be a joy & also a way to stay healthy? Well latest discoveries around food seem to show that the “fresher” your food is, the better for you. What that means to you is to try & eat foods that have been grown or alive recently, & that may not come in bags or boxes that need to be opened. For those of you who may want to lose weight, do you know that 80% of your results comes down to the types and amounts of food you eat - 80 %. The challenges facing busy workers and those with families, is the ease and inexpensiveness of take out food. Unfortunately take out food is sometimes loaded with salt, preservatives & additives. The good news is that slowly the producers of food are catching on, and healthier choices are being offered in public places, or with “delivery food companies” that will deliver pre-made food to your door. The one thing that most people do not understand about food is that everyone is different and has different food needs. The ultimate food goal, is to learn what suits your energy requests daily, (we are all different !), and get those choices into your diet. Know thyself Grasshopper.


Kevin O'Shea