WEEK THREE: Steps+Food-where do we get help?


For years now, the most effective way to lose weight has been proven time & again, to simply write down what you eat. No other obligation, just write & over longer periods of time that has been effective toward weight loss. Log all the food you eat (write it down), for an entire day, no matter what it is. Example: 1 point = One day of logging food. Seven days of food logging = 7 points. So at the end of this week, please send your “food logging total” to Denise.


  • An app called FATSECRET will help track food & it’s nutritional value. It’s free. Also, MyFitness Pal, Lose It, or join and online community called Spark People.
  • A health/wellness coach or nutritionalist or experienced personal trainer.
  • Just write it down like you are asked to do here this month. Get a journal or an app and do it daily.  Just write every item you eat each day. Awareness is key.
  • Hire a food service to deliver your meals. Blue Apron/Hello Fresh/ Google food services in your area and see what is available ?
  • Go to yoga class with a qualified & experienced yoga teacher - Yoga can help balance hormones & ease food cravings.
Kevin O'Shea