WEEK THREE: Steps+Food-how do we do it?


For years now, the most effective way to lose weight has been proven time & again, to simply write down what you eat. No other obligation, just write & over longer periods of time that has been effective toward weight loss. Log all the food you eat (write it down), for an entire day, no matter what it is. Example: 1 point = One day of logging food. Seven days of food logging = 7 points. So at the end of this week, please send your “food logging total” to Denise.


  • Try & go to local farmer’s markets and choose food that is grown near you.   
  • If you are a junk food master,  and you are trying to change - look at your first meal of the day and try to get that on the healthy side, with things you like to eat !    
  • Think about who cooks for you? Is it you? Is it no one?  Is it your partner? How can that change for the better?
  • Some blended drinks (sold in super markets or health food stores), with veggies and fruits, are an easier way to start to get more nutrients with less time and effort.
  • Did you know that the most efficient way to lose weight is just to write down your food, everything you eat every day, just keep writing? Over time (3-6 months), weight loss is inevitable, even without any other actions. TRUE!
  • If you are a snacker - think about bulk buying almonds or power bars that you like, and that are not loaded with sugar, & store them around your office & car.
  • Watch the portions, it is recommended you eat meat that is the size of your palm at one sitting.
  • Pay someone to prepare your meals
  • Start to notice the kinds of foods that give you energy, we are all different, and will all have different choices here.
  • Ask someone you know that has successfully made food changes. How did they do it?
Kevin O'Shea