WEEK FOUR: Steps+The Outdoors-why do we care?


To track your outdoor time over 7 days. Points outdoors = minutes outdoors = points. Example - 7 hours (420 minutes) and 14 minutes outdoors = 434 points. So at the end of this week, please send your minutes outside to Denise.


Hey there - Is it really important to go outside & what the heck does that do with our health? Waaaaay back in the day - being outside just tended to happen more.      
Studies are being done now to show how just “going outside of buildings or indoor spaces”, especially in nature, just 20 minutes a day, can shift brain chemistry and help relieve mental stress. It is even thought that perhaps the trend of Americans spending more and more time indoors, may be contributing to some degree to growing health and public health problems (such as obesity and mental health issues). Going outside can receive mental clarity, create stress relief, and possibly even shift cancer instincts. Green environments, (as its called ), can help release the “feel good” hormones. And can you say “Vitamin D” and sunshine? Ok - easy with the exposure to sun but please our skin was made to replenish outside. The harm done from staring at a device screen, or sitting a lot, is just crazy. Being outdoors will help- without the “head in phone syndrome”, that is. Real natural light and sunlight tends to elevate moods naturally, you may heal faster, you will be able to concentrate better, and you will be happier.  Oh and you will sleep better too!


Kevin O'Shea