WEEK TWO: Steps+Water-what do we do?


To drink at least 6-8 cups of water daily (some people need more) Track your water in cup amounts. Track your points in cups. Cups = points. Send your cup/point week total before Monday. Example: 36 cups = 36 points. So at the end of this week, please send your water point total to Denise.


Drink water. And try and drink it as close to getting up each morning as possible.
Water can help control the urge to shove an entire pizza into your mouth.
How much water daily? It’s unclear really, it takes self practice & is very individual - I tell clients 6 - 8 cups a day at least. You can also get some water from certain fruits & vegetables. Celery, tomatoes, melons are a few. You cannot count “soda” as water. It can actually imbalance your electrolytes, especially if it has caffeine or sugar in it. Your body needs more water if you have a fever, live in a warm climate or are throwing up, (one of the reasons over consumption of alcohol can actually be dangerous.)

Kevin O'Shea