WEEK ONE: Step+Sleep-where do we get help?


To try sleep at least 49 hours in 7 days. In this first week of the challenge, we are asking you to track how many hours of sleep you have in one night & then the week. While keeping track of sleep- your point system this week is to count one hour of sleep as one point. For example -  49 hours = 49 sleep points.  So at the end of this week - before Monday- please send your sleep & step totals to Denise.


  • Check out your local bed store & try some new beds.  Determine what type of mattress serves you best.  Firm, medium or soft.
  • Check out “DoTerra”, an essential oil company, or another reputable company.
  • Take a yoga class or a beginner mediation class, to help learn how to slow your brain down.
  • Warm milk before bed may help create melatonin and ease you in to sleep.
  • Shocker alert - exercising during the day may allow the body to relieve mental stress + tire the body naturally.  Hire a qualified personal trainer if needed.
  • If you are consistently loosing sleep, check with your doctor, or consider adding to your professional emotional support team.
  • Apps for sleep or meditation: “White Noise”, “Sleep Pillow”, “Sleep Cycle”, “Centered”, “HeadSpace”, “Aura”, “Sleep Genius”, “Deep Sleep”
  • Four Yoga Poses to Do While In Bed: 
    • 1.Seated meditation
    • 2.Seated Side Stretch
    • 3.Pigeon
    • 4.Lying Down Side Twist
Kevin O'Shea